Book “Urban Interaction Design: Towards City Making”

The book written by a group of researchers and practitioners within 4 days during the 3rd Book Sprint is available for free download from our website. It is the result of the collaboration between two projects: UrbanIxD and BS4ICTRSRCH.

Coordinator and one of the authors Martin Brynskov in the foreword describes the book “as a guidebook, a cheap, rugged companion to a brisk walk, or a run for your life, in a somewhat unfamiliar territory,” which is Urban Interaction Design.
The authors offer readers their reflections about identified by them emergent trends in the field “that is not just about producing services or tools that optimise urban life as it exists. An important part of it also consists of dreaming up alternative futures. The latter is of great importance. The rise of new media technologies opens up opportunities for citizens to organise themselves in communities or political movements to improve their cities. Yet at the same time, there is also a risk that this new software layer and the interactive services geared towards the city will be designed or appropriated in a closed manner that excludes particular uses or groups,
or will prioritise economic profit above societal benefits.” (from the Introduction)

The book “Urban Interaction Design: Towards City Making” co-authored by M. Brynskov, J.C.C. Bermúdez, M. Fernández, H. Korsgaard, I. Mulder, K. Piskorek, L. Rekow, M. de Waal can be found and downloaded here: