Book on DAC biomimetic architecture

The 4th Book Sprint of BS4ICTRSRCH series, with the CSNII group resulted in production of the draft version of the next upcoming publication of the CSN book series, titled “DAC: Distributed Adaptive Control. Theory and Practice” edited by Paul Verschure and Tony Prescott. Other authors-contributors who participated in the writing of the book during the Book Sprint in St. Feliu de Guíxols are Armin Duff, Stéphane Lallée, Ivan Herreros, Encarni Marcos, Riccardo Zucca, Anna Mura (Synthetic, Perceptive, Emotive and Cognitive Systems – SPECS laboratory, University Pompeu Fabra).

The book provides teaching material on the biologically-inspired cognitive Distributed Adaptive Control (DAC) architecture which “will introduce researchers and students to key concepts of minds and brains, at both the functional level and at the level of how the physiology and anatomy of brains shape and realise these functions”.

“DAC architecture is one of the very few examples of biomimetic architectures of perception cognition and action that has been applied to a range of artificial behaving systems i.e. robots, while having a strong grounding in the pertinent neuroscience of both invertebrate and vertebrate systems.” (Quotes from the introduction to the book)

For more information about this publication please contact the coordinators of CSNII – Convergent Science Network for Neurotechnology and Biomimetic systems project Paul Verschure and Anna Mura

Photo impressions of the BS writing session on Flickr here and here.