Fourth sprint

The fourth book sprint retreat was in the eclectic and flora riddled 60’s Eden Roc hotel in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, north of Barcelona. It is an ideal venue for seminars and conferences because it is close enough to major airports, so as not ot waste a lot of time getting there, and far enough to keep participants from being distracted by everyday life.

Unlike the other book sprint groups this team almost all live in the same city and work together on a daily basis. They had already prepared material before arriving at the hotel on Wednesday morning and as a result the discussion and concepting phase was short and to the point. The post-its went up, they got moved around forming islands of thought, and everyone quickly got started with the writing phase.

The CSNII team are working on a publication with the title On Brain architectures: the Distributed Adaptive Control [DAC] explains Brain Mind and Body Nexus. The term “nexus” is philosophical and denotes an area shared by different entities. Taking the human nervous system as example, so too machines can be programmed to “learn” through reflex and adaptation actions. Imagine a robot moving forward and bumping into a wall… Recording the incident and circumstance, and accumulating more of the same type of data over time is the “Distributed Adaptive Control” that the Convergent Science Network of Neurotechnology and Biomimetic Systems is centred around. The team of participants include:

Paul Verschure, Research Professor Catalan Institute of Advanced Research (ICREA)
Anna Mura, Ph.D. senior research fellow at SPECS, University Pompeu Fabra
Tony Prescott, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Director of Sheffield Centre of Robotics
Stéphane Lallée, Ph.D. SPECS, University Pompeu Fabra
Armin Duff, Dr. Sc. SPECS, University Pompeu Fabra
Riccardo Zucca, Ph.D. student SPECS, University Pompeu Fabra
Ivan Herreros, Ph.D. Digital Communications and Information Technologies, UPF
Encarni Marcos, Ph.D. student SPECS, University Pompeu Fabra

Photos on Flickr here and here.