Part 2, third book sprint

A book sprint typically contains a number of modes, which initially follow each other in sequence, then continue looping in parallel: conceptualising, structuring, writing and reviewing. The group at work presently have a diverse backround and the conceptualising phase started out by being very abstract. One of the participants commented that moving from ideas-to-examples is more difficult than starting with case studies from which one can distil principles. The first two days of this book sprint have seen a lot of discussion, and long group sessions as a result. It remains to be seen how this influences the structure of the piece.

Today, the third day was the start of the writing process, with participants dispersing to corners of the venue that suit their need to concentrate. In the morning a new “book” instance was created in the BookType app on the project’s server. Now too the work of the editor/proof reader Rachel Miles and the illustrater/designer Henrik van Leeuwen can commence. While the editor will be working remotely for the whole sprint, Henrik arrived by train at noon to join the team. Having a new face appear on the scene seems to give the group a little jolt, in the positve sense of the word. For the researcher Rachel Baker the question is: does remote vs live presence of the editor and illustrator influence the outcome of the book sprint, and if so in what way?

More photos on Flickr, both here and here.