Part 2, FoCAS book sprint

A storm hit Malta on our second day, which was a pleasant relief from the heat. The weight of the work during this middle section of the sprint was writing and reviewing. For the sessions that needed a repeat of the concepting phase, trainee Barbara Ruehling stepped in. Once again the post-it notes got used during brainstorming, ending up on the wall bunched in groups. This is called “mapping” the ideas. While the brainstorming part is very open, the ordering of the notes on the wall is more synchronised, with the focus being on getting similar ideas clumped together.

A lot has been written in the second and third day, almost twenty thousand words in total, arranged around three chapters. Since the contributors had decided to write an engaging book they concentrated on the more exciting and provocative aspects of adaptive and collaborative systems.

Reseacher Rachel Baker has interviewed almost all of the contributors and is evolving the spectrum of thougths on collaborative work in the academic ICT world. She’s using a large roll of paper and one question a day to draw out themes on a scale between completely collaborative to completely solo.