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If you are interested in the Book Sprints methodology of collaborative writing and publications production as a user or a researcher the following resources will assist you:


Project Final Summary Report

Overview of the BS4ICTRSCH project context, objectives and results.

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Project Evaluative Research Report
Author: Rachel Baker

The Book Sprints methodology was an object of evaluative research within the BS4ICTRSRCH project. The report examines different aspects of Book Sprints, including facilitation, structure, collaboration and writing processes, social dynamics, software tools, book post-production and overall organisation.

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“On Book Sprints” publication

Reflective insights into the Book Sprints philosophy and approach to collaborative writing and publishing produced by the Book Sprints organisation using the Book Sprints methodology:

Rachel Baker, David Berry, Mark Brokering, Michael Dieter, Amanda French, Barbara Rühling, Adam Hyde (Facilitator), On Book Sprints v1.1., May 17, 2014

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Book Sprints organisation

For professional facilitation services of collaborative writing projects please contact Book Sprints at:


Open source platform for collaborative writing and publishing of print and digital books, used during Book Sprints collaborative writing sessions

Booktype overview at Sourcefabric website:

Booktype Pro:
Cloud-hosted version with support from Sourcefabric:

Free installation of Booktype at Open Knowledge Foundation:

Booktype manual by FLOSS Manuals:


Another open source application for collaborative content production, such as books, scientific papers including the possibility to use mathematic formulas. It is still under development and it was tested and used during Book Sprints within the BS4ICTRSRCH project.

For more information contact the Book Sprints organisation at:

PubSweet at GitHub:

BS4ICTRSRCH publications:

The books produced during the Book Sprints for ICT Research project are available at the “Books” page of this website:

Project brochure: