Day 1, UrbanIxD book sprint

In the hills to the northwest of Lisbon participants of the first book sprint have settled down to produce a paper reflecting the UrbanIxD summer school of 2013. The accomodation is a collection of beautifully restored cottages which make up the Little Forested Village – Aldeia da Mata Pequena. The vistas and quiet distance from the bustle of the city stimulate concentration and long hours of work. Together with the facilitator, illustrator and text editor the team of eight scholars will complete the document in just three days.

Day 1 was dedicated to setting up group collaboration, sharpening the focus of the paper and structuring the writing process. Intense discussions dominated the day, during which the exchange of ideas was energised by direct questioning and challenging each others’ take on the issues.

More photos on Flickr: UrbanIxd Book Sprint set.