Part 1, FoCAS book sprint

On the small, rocky island of Malta the second group of contributors has settled down to write an inspirational piece around the subject of “The Fundamentals of Collective Adaptive Systems”. The FoCAS members include Gusz Eiben, Maarten van Steen, George Kampis and Nicolas Bredeche. Their colleague Stuart Anderson is contributing remotely with the help of conferencing tools. Their backgrounds include computational science, artificial intellegence, large systems design, evolutionary computing, biology, philosophy and robotics.

The first post-it excercise was aimed at getting a clear idea of the intended audience. Who are the contributors targeting? To achieve this, points were noted on the coloured pieces of paper answering the question: what consitutes a reader that is IN or OUT of the target group? Grouping the notes on the wall it bacame clear that the piece should be written with students and professionals in mind, those having an interest in adaptive and collective systems.

One of the contributors had brought three published books related to the topic, as examples. Lined up in a row they aptly respresented the spectrum of possible outcomes of this book sprint. There was the short and broad, the short and in-depth, and the long and in-depth book.

More photos on Flickr: FoCAS Book Sprint set